The Company

Indsec Securities and Finance Ltd. (Indsec) incorporated in 1993, is a corporate member of Bombay Stock Exchange Limited, and the National Stock Exchange of India Ltd., in both the equities and debt segments. It is a Depository Participant of the NSDL, a member of the Futures & Options Segment of the National Stock Exchange of India Ltd and also a SEBI registered Portfolio Manager. Indsec is pioneer in research-based equity investment advisory services. With this setup, Indsec is in a position to offer all types of services in the securities industry.
In a short span, Indsec has grown from being a medium size broking outfit to become one of the largest capitalized Brokerage House in Indian market, offering the complete range of broking services.


The stock market around the world is not the most organised of places. It's a volatile scenario. Large volumes of funds are involved. The number of scrips and investment options, trading based on verbal commitments call for complete trust by investors in brokers. Not to mention faith in their capabilities and a need felt today of the service, quality, organisation and network strength of a reputable securities trading house. Here, we become the ‘first rate’ Broking House in terms of operational integrity with clients, timely execution of trades and maintaining confidentiality of clients profile.

We believe, wealth management is not a rocket science; it is plainly an art of successful moneymaking. With the boom in the capital market of India, there is a growing need for professional stockbrokers. We are pioneering in the effort to fill the gap of providing international quality services in Indian equity markets. Our sound research based advisory service is one of the core expertises that we deliver to our valued customers.

Today, the emphasis is on service, quality, capital, infrastructure and organizational strengths. Although there are a large number of brokers in the business, the major chunk of the business is still in the hands of a select few, who can boast of a great lineage, excellent delivery of services, quality research, large capital and strong infrastructure backup.


Dealing ability: Indsec has a strong network and good contacts in the market, and is empanelled with a large number of domestic institutions, banks and mutual funds like UTI, GIC, LIC, IDBI, SBI, PNB and other mutual funds. Besides this our list of clients includes select few FII’s and HNI clients both Resident & Non Resident. We have had privilege of dealing with various foreign brokers now operating in India prior to they having licenses to operate independently in India.

Sales Force: The lean but efficient sales team at Indsec ensures excellent coverage and penetration of the market. The sales team provides investment ideas to the clients and has identified several growth stocks that have created value. The team also keeps the clients updated online with the latest news and happenings in the market. The sales force has also helped in the marketing of half a dozen mutual funds. The objective is to bring more number of people having surplus earnings into the wonderland of equity investment.

Research: In-depth Research has been one of the corner stone of growth in the organization. Quality of research is given significant weightage as compared to the quantity. Indsec’s team comprises of Professionals in the field of finance with average research experience of over 8 years. We at Indsec believe in a bottom up approach wherein the professional team identifies an investment opportunity with a view to maximize returns.

The investment strategy of Indsec is to attempt to structure a portfolio of companies, which operate in the appropriate industries, have an honest ethical management and the capability to persist. Though attempts are made to identify and take advantage of short to medium term trends, which have a proven track record of generating above market returns, a significant part of time is directed towards identifying long- term trends that can generate stability in returns. Indsec endeavors to get clients investment in the right stocks at the right time at the right price.

Back Office and Support Operations: In order to ensure that clients do not face any procedural or operational problems; Indsec has developed a team of professionals with vast experience in various statutory and regulatory bodies, with back office providing the requisite support services to clients.

Technology: We have a state-of-the-art IT setup to effectively handle growing volumes of business which includes the latest Hardware, Networking Equipment and Integrated package for handling shares accounting for both, the BSE and the NSE. We rely on highest level of software & technological support for servicing our clients on online & real time basis.

As a strategy towards advancement in technology, Indsec has a strong technical back up that keeps on being upgraded abreast with the latest developments. Indsec has invested more than INR 5 Crores (INR 50 million) in latest technology over the years.


Resignation of Director

Mr. Jayechund Jingree (DIN:00265671) resigned from the directorship of the company w.e.f. May 09, 2022.
Mr. Ramesh Chandra Sharma (DIN:00023274) resigned from the directorship of the company from the close of business hours of November 12, 2020.

Mission & Vision

To Persistantly work towards
Wealth Maximization for clients
by providing proactive financial service,
while maintaining
higest standards of ethics and professionalism

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