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Indsec Securities and Finance Ltd.

301/302, "215 Atrium", A Wing
Andheri Kurla Road, Chakala
Andheri (East), Mumbai - 400 093

Back Office Tel.: +91 22 61146100    
Front Office Tel.: +91 22 61146114    
Board Line Tel.: +91 22 6114 6100     Fax: +91 22 67106874

-: SEBI Registration Nos. :-
BSE / NSE / MCX-SX : INZ000236731
NSDL : IN-DP-475-2020
PMS : INP000001892


Bloomberg ID:

Email Id for Investor Grievances:

Procedure for Opening Trading / Demat Account (Offline Process Only)
(Email ID : /
Step 1: Download Client Registration Documents (Account Opening Kit)

Kindly visit link and download Following Forms / Documents:

Category Trading Account Demat Account
Individual Broking - Account Opening Kit - Individual DP - Account Opening Kit - Individual
Non Individual Broking - Account Opening Kit - Non Individual DP - Account Opening Kit - Non Individual
Step 2: Validation of KYC with KRA and CKYC

In case your basic KYC details are registered with KRA as well as CKYC Authority (CERSAI), then kindly share your Permanent Account Number (PAN) and Date of Birth / Date of Incorporation with us, on the basis of which, KYC documents will be downloaded and shared with you for confirmation.

Step 3: Fill and Submit the Account Opening Form along with all the Documents

Fill up the Demat / Trading Account Opening Form. You will have to provide all your details, such as your full name, address, phone number, email, bank account details, demat account details, income range, etc. (as applicable). Fill in the correct details and submit the form along with necessary supporting documents as mentioned in the Form.

Note: In case KYC shared as per Step 2 is having latest and accurate information, there is no need to fill KYC Form (Part I) pages and submit KYC related supporting documents. However, in case of any update, kindly fill KYC Form (Part I) pages with “Update” tick at appropriate field.

Step 4: In-Person Verification

Once the documents are submitted, then the next step is In-Person Verification (or IPV), wherein you will have to appear in person at our office or our executive will visit your place. This is a vital exercise that you must complete to verify and validate your details.

Step 5: Processing of Account Opening Request

Once above processes are complete, our Backoffice Team / DP Team will start, verify and expedite your account opening application. You will be provided Account Opening Welcome letter for Trading Account / Client Master Report (CMR) for demat account post your application has been verified and approved.

Congratulations!!! You are now ready to transact in securities in Secondary Market through us / use your demat account.

Procedure for Filing a Complaint with us)
(Email Id for Investor Grievances:
Step 1: Send Email for filing a Complaint.

In case of any trade related / demat account related complaint for accounts held with us, you can send a mail on our Investor Grievance ID with subject as "Complaint w.r.t. Trading Account bearing UCC: ___ / PAN : ____) (for Trading Account) OR "Complaint w.r.t. Demat Account bearing BO ID : ___ / PAN : ____) (for Demat Account). Kindly mention entire complaint details at length and attach all relevant supporting documents (if any).

Step 2: Acknowledgement of a complaint

For every valid complaint, we will acknowledge the same and provide you complaint tracking number in the format of (ddmmyyyy_sn), which you need to mention in all future communication. You are requested to not to edit subject line of acknowledgement email for better tracking and follow-up purpose.

Step 3: Redressal of Complaint

Our dedicated team will go through the complaint and provide suitable explanation to amicably redress the complaint at the earliest but not later than 30 days from the date of initial complaint / receipt of additional information.

Step 4: Escalation at Indsec

In case your complaint is not redressed due to any reason, you may escalate the same as per escalation matrix provided on URL: .

Step 5: Escalation (Stock Exchange / Depository / SEBI)

In case your are not happy with the closure of complaint by Indsec, you can escalate further by filing suitable complaint with Stock Exchanges / Depository / SEBI (Links provided on URL:

(For More Details about Grievance Redressal Mechanism / Investor Complaint Data - kindly refer Investor Charter as provided on URL :

Details of Contact Person Direct Contact No. Email Id
Escalation Matrix (DP)
Customer care Mr. Sahil Gayakwad +91 22 6114 6129
Head of Customer care Mr. Nikunj Purohit +91 22 6114 6120
Compliance Officer Mr. Yogesh Kokatay +91 22 6114 6131
+91 98692 44078 &
Escalation Matrix (Broking)
Customer care Mr. Vaibhav Shah +91 22 6114 6134
Customer care Mr. Jitendra Rathod +91 22 6114 6117
Head of Customer care Mr. Parag Shah +91 22 6114 6133
Compliance Officer Mr. Diamond Dand +91 22 6114 6107
+91 98198 40960 &
Key Managerial Personnels (KMP)
Managing Director / CEO Mr. Nandkishore Gupta +91 22 6114 6102
+91 98200 21969
Whole-Time Director Mrs. Maya Gandhi +91 22 6114 6105
+91 98206 33316
Whole-Time Director / Chief Financial Officer Mr. Diamond Dand +91 22 6114 6107
+91 98198 40960
Company Secretary Mr. Siddheshwar Thorat +91 22 6114 6106
+91 96643 69244
(Address: Same as Registered Office mentioned above)
Operational / Working Hours : 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Mon - Fri)

In absence of a response / complaint not addressed to your satisfaction, you may lodge a complaint with:

Please quote your Service Ticket / Complaint Ref No. while raising your complaint at SEBI SCORES / Depository / Exchange portal.